Premature Ejaculation Remedies in Detail

We have written a number of articles about the subject over the course of some time, but today we want to examine in depth the methodologies employed to fight this dysfunction. The subject of premature ejaculation remedies is much discussed in the medical field because it is estimated that premature ejaculation is a common ailment for men; enough to affect about one in three men at some point in life.

Premature ejaculation remedies, a 360° view

Premature ejaculation (PE) or in lay terms ‘coming too quickly’ can occur for a variety of reasons, from anxiety to premature ejaculation to physical problems such as penile sensitivity, hormonal fluctuations, and inflammation of the urethra or prostate. Today, however, we would like to delve into home remedies for premature ejaculation as well.

Premature ejaculation can be treated in a number of ways, just like the majority of sexual disorders. Others work by physically desensitizing the penis, like lidocaine spray.

Some medications, like Super Kamagra, Dapoxetine and other SSRIs, alter how the brain functions during sexual activity. Additionally, there are many of home remedies for early ejaculation. The most popular at-home PE remedies are listed below.

Natural ways to fight Premature ejaculation

Certainly there are many natural ways to fight Premature ejaculation, but effectiveness of these methods vary based on how sever your problem is. However, it’s worth to mention them.

Foods rich in zinc and magnesium

While we don't definitively state that there are foods to cure premature ejaculation, we can say that there is some scientific evidence to support the impacts of certain foods on libido, PE, and sexual health.

Supplements, especially those that contain zinc, are often recommended as a treatment for premature ejaculation, while there is some evidence that zinc can increase testosterone and produce stronger libido (in a 2000 study, researchers observed a noticeable increase in free and total testosterone in men who used a zinc supplement), there is no study which specifically deals with PE.

Foods rich in zinc and magnesium are linked to some improvements in sexual health, from increased testosterone (one of several hormones responsible for optimal sex drive) to potential improvements in stamina and energy. There is also some evidence that magnesium deficiency could affect sexual health by contributing to premature ejaculation.

Does this mean that a zinc supplement is not useful? Obviously not. Zinc is one of the most important trace elements for humans but don't expect pills or supplements to increase ejaculation time, especially without other types of treatment.

Masturbating before sex

One of the oldest techniques for extending ejaculation time and treating premature ejaculation is masturbating an hour or two before sexual activity. The pre-sex masturbation method works by putting the body in a refractory period. This short period between orgasms makes it harder for you to reach a new orgasm. If the timing is right, you may find it easier to increase intercourse times.

While waiting an hour might make it easy to have sex, it is important to provide enough time for the body to partially recover in order to avoid erectile dysfunction. Like most home remedies for premature ejaculation, there is no hard scientific evidence to support the claim that masturbating before sex improves sexual performance. However, many guys swear by this method to increase the ejaculation time.

Premature Ejaculation Pills and Supplements

Revolutionary approach in Premature Ejaculation treatment presented by modern medicine. Some Premature Ejaculation pills like Super Kamagra or P-Force offer dual treatment for two of the most common male problems, Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction at the same time.

Excellent results can be achieved thanks to combination of two active compounds (Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine). Sildenafil Citrate is responsible for increased blood flow to male genital area and Dapoxetine is the only officially approved compound to treat Premature Ejaculation reflex.

Dapoxetine based medicine delays ejaculation. It was first created by Johnson & Johnson in 2003 and approved for the treatment of PE by the European medical association in 2004. Since then, Dapoxetine has been marketed in more than 50 countries.

Dapoxetine belongs to family of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) and works by inhibiting the serotonin transport. Dapoxetine is the oral pharmacological agent responsible for increasing serotonin’s action at the postsynaptic cleft. Its fast-acting property makes it perfect medicine for the treatment of PE.

These days it’s available even from reputable online pharmacy and you can easily buy Dapoxetine online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, you can pay for your medicine discreetly by anonymous Bitcoin. Thanks to Bitcoin, purchases that might be embarrassing won’t show up in your bank account transactions.

Conclusion: As for home remedies for premature ejaculation, we can't be certain, but we think there are certainly some things you can do at home to help you with PE issues. However, official Dapoxetine based treatments provides guaranteed help for men with PE to overcome this condition.

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