Problems with erection can be of psychic origin

Erectile dysfunctions are mostly associated with physical problems. They talk about diabetes, high blood pressure, or poor eating habits. After all, we forget that our body is positively or negatively affected by our psyche. It is the same with erection problems. These can often be cause by our subconscious mind.

If you are having trouble with erection and you have already excluded all the physical causes, it's time to look into inside. Psychic is the cause of many diseases in the human body. Some autoimmune diseases are caused by it, and approximately 20% of cases are also associated with problems with erection.

Problems with erection and psychic origin

One of the main causes of erection problems is stress. Contemporary man experiences stress at almost every step. Stressful is the environment at school, at work and often at home. There is no surprise that you take your dose of stress to bed.

Sometimes even sex is the cause of stressful situations. Particularly inexperienced lovers are afraid they will suddenly suffer premature ejaculation and will not be able to satisfy their partner. Similarly, there are those with the first signs of impotence. In that case, they will start to worry before sex about whether or not they be able to perform.

Erectile dysfunction may also be affected by general discomfort or physical fatigue. It is understandable that if a man does not feel in their skin or the only thing he desire is sleep, his sexual performances will not be dazzling. So do not take too seriously in this case.

Problems with erection and how to prevent them

So, if you want to get rid of the mental problems that are behind the erection problems, you have to start with yourself. In particular, stop stressing. Find a way to get rid of stress at home and to make love to your partner fully. If you are worried that you do not get erection from time to time, do stress about it. You can still satisfy your partner by other means.

At the same time start planning. If you have no time during the week and you are too tired, make love over the weekend. Then you do not have to think about work and you should be full of energy.

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