Problems with erections worry men around the world

Problems with erection. The delicate illness that affects men around the world is associated with a number of unpleasant situations, especially during intimate moments. Inability to achieve an erection and to satisfy a partner also has effect on man's psyche. Erectile problems are then transferred to the relationship, and the whole situation ends with a break up or at least a partner crisis.

Problems with erection - human definition

You have certainly heard, read or experienced on your own skin that man’s penis didn’t erect during the sex. He did what he could, his penis hanging lose. This is one of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Medicine has a precise definition here, but it is enough for us to define the erection problems (humanly called impotence) as the inability of a man to achieve penis hardening during sex.

In some cases, the erection happens, but it’s too weak or takes a short time for the man to be able to satisfy his partner. Problems with erection are sometimes manifested by premature ejaculation.

Problems with erection and impact on everyday life

Since it is a specific male illness, most men have a problem telling about this ailment, so problems with erection are raging between taboo topics. One reason why men do not talk about about impotence is shame. They take the inability to achieve an erection and satisfy a partner as their own failure.

Pretending there one has no problem with impotence in front of one's own partner is what often exaggerates the problem. During sex, a guy tries to concentrate to achieve an erection, but the result is exactly the opposite. Few people realize that stress is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. In addition, poor diet, lack of movement and, in some cases, other illnesses.

The need to talk to a partner about their intimate problems is the basis for managing the disease. The man gets the support of his half and he will not push him if his sexual performances are not as enchanting as before.

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