Vardenafil - an active substance in erectile dysfunction drugs

Vardenafil is used in medicines for erectile dysfunction as it helps to stretch blood vessels. This increases blood flow in the human body, including the genitals. In commercially marketed drugs, Vardenafil can be found, for example, in Levitra or Staxyn.

Take special care with Vardenafil

Vardenafil has similar side effects to other active substances. Therefore, it should not be taken without prior consultation with the doctor. This point is particularly important when a man is not in the 100% condition and regularly takes some medication. Or has some other difficulties. In that case, Vardenafil might not work or cause more harm to the human body than benefits.

Especially vulnerable are people with heart problems, arrhythmias, high or low blood pressure, stomach problems, blood clotting, blood in general. If a person does not consult with a doctor and has some health problems, after Vardenafil use one may even lose vision.

How to take Vardenafil

Before taking Vardenafil-based medicines, read the package leaflet. Instructions for use may vary depending on the particular manufacturer and the drug. For example, Staxyn should not be used with water , but instead should be dissolved in the mouth.

Vardenafil-based medication is recommended to take an hour before the planned intercourse. The erection itself will only occur at the moment of sexual stimulation. However, if an erection is hurting or lasts for more than four hours, you should seek medical attention. Such a long erection can damage the penis.

Last tips for Vardenafil

Vardenafil should not be taken regularly every day, but only when you are planning to have sex. At the same time, alcohol should be avoided before and during Vardenafil. Alcohol is quite often cause of erectile dysfunction and may induce side effects in combination with Vardenafil

You can find several medicines for erectile dysfunction containing Vardenafil. From the well-known and expensive Levitra to its generics such as Vardeforce which contains the same active ingredient.

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