Decreased Sexual Desire: What to Do?

The decrease in sexual desire - or Hypoactive Sexual Desire - is a real problem more widespread than one can imagine and on the increase, involving, according to the latest statistics, between 23% to 46% of women and between 6% and 41% of men according to age. It also affects young couples a lot, unlike what one might think (even if the percentage is lower), and when there are prejudices about sex or when one has received an education that is too rigid and restrictive in sexual matters.

What's happening? The explanation is complex and often multifactorial. The decrease in sexual desire or libido can have different causes but is often the basis of dysfunctions in the life of a couple and in this particular case it can be resolved when both couples come together as one to fight it or with the help of a specialist, such as a couple psychotherapist or an expert psychotherapist.

At first, a couple has the desire and the curiosity to get to know each other better. After some time this subsides and even the hottest passion tends to fade. Unless something happens that rekindles the passion, making the couple's libido live a new happy season.

The reasons for the decline in desire are many; they can simply be boredom, routine, premature ejaculation, stress and anxieties, including anxiety about getting old. It is mainly women who suffer, thinking that they are no longer attractive to their partner, especially in the post climacteric period. They become so obsessed with their body and its supposed imperfections and suffer immeasurably from the loss of the sexual cycle that they forget the playful side of sexuality. For men, on the contrary, a sunny and playful, open and seductive attitude is often much more erotic than a perfect body in every detail.

Depression is also an important reason for a decrease in desire which, among other things, is very frequently correlated with the point described above: When one of the two begins to lose confidence in himself, perhaps because he believes he is unable to satisfy the other partner, negative thoughts arise, and it is feared that you no longer want it, that you no longer have any attraction to it, or that you simply lose interest in sexuality.

Stress and decreased sexual desire

Anxiety, depression, work stress or the so-called technostress are among the most common and frequent causes of sexual decrease. In particular, it seems that it is technology that negatively influences the couple's life and some recent surveys show an almost total absence of sexual relations in the couple.

The "technostressive" couple abstains: according to data from some studies conducted in the United States, 26% of men have no sexual stimulus towards their partner due to intense and prolonged use of social media.

To solve the problem, sometimes it is enough simply to talk about it serenely with your partner; in other cases, it is more appropriate to seek help from a professional.

Loss of sexual desire: how to deal with the problem

How to get out of it? First of all, we have to face the problem by talking about it with the partner and doing a self-analysis, wondering when this loss of desire started and what it depended on. It’s also advised to visit specialist who can advised the best therapy, especially if you are allergic to any medicine or if you have any other medical conditions.

Libido and sexual enhancers

Furthermore, the reasons that determine a drop in libido or its disappearance could be connected to sexual dysfunction.

The most common sexual problems in man are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and in woman it’s female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and uncontrolled frigidity.

If the decreased sex drive in your relationship is caused by sexual dysfunction problems, it's best to consider appropriate medical help.

Since Viagra discovery in late 90s many sexual enhancers entered the market. The main compounds of these drugs are Sildenafil Citrate, DapoxetineVardenafil or Tadalafil. Generally, these drugs work by dilating blood vessels in genital area.

Erectile dysfunction can be most effectively treated with Sildenafil Citrate (active compound of Viagra) based medicine or with Vardenafil and Tadalafil.

The most popular Viagra generic is Kamagra. Kamagra works the same way like Viagra and it’s manufactured by Indian pharmacological company Ajanta Pharma established in 1979.

Dapoxetine is the active compound of P-Force or Super Kamagra especially developed medicine to treat premature ejaculation and erection at the same time. This hybrid medicine is the best sexual enhancer for men treating both symptoms simultaneously.

For women with decreased sexual desire, vaginal dryness, a low libido, or difficulties reaching orgasm, Lovegra offers the ideal solution. This female Viagra helps to increase sexual desire and sensitivity of the erogenous zone. This pink pill is very popular by women who desire to retake control of their sexual lives.

In Conclusion, the important thing is not to hide behind feelings of guilt or wrong beliefs, convenient reasons or self-righteous excuses, clarifying yourself and your partner to regain sexual harmony. The couple must have a good understanding of the sexual cycle and try any available methods to maintain or restore their sexual life.

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