Impotence is a problem that can be addressed

Impotence is a dismal name for the disease that doctors call erectile dysfunction. Men who suffer from these ailments are hardly admitting it and hardly ever talk about with their surroundings. And they are particularly harming themselves. Impotence is a problem that can be addressed. You have to recognize the problem and start solving it.

The basis of the word impotence is based on Latin impotence, which means inability to translate. Present medicine under this term perceives a wider range of health deficiencies. This is not just a problem with erection, but also a dislike of sex or an inability to achieve an orgasm. Doctors therefore prefer the term erectile dysfunction, which is well suited to penile coughing problems.

Impotence concerns both young and old

Who thinks impotence is an elderly illness, they are wrong. Erectile dysfunction can harass men virtually from the time they are sexually active. The truth is, however, that older patients are more likely to have this disease. This is mainly due to the fact that they are suffering from a variety of civilization diseases in the older age, which, in combination with drugs, have a negative effect on their erection.

What causes impotence?

The causes of impotence can be found in two major groups of reasons. The first is psychic and comes out of the subconscious. This can be the stress in the work that we carry over to our private lives, including intimate moments. Depression or relationship problems can also have similar effect.  

The second group of causes of impotence are physical reasons. In particular, it is a bad diet that includes poor eating, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and lack of mobility. All four factors, or their combination, negatively affect the blood circulation in the body, which is important for the onset of erection.

Another cause of impotence that falls into a category of physical reasons is illness. It can be a variety of prostate, vascular or diabetic diseases or drug use for the treatment of these diseases.

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