How to Deal With Sexual Dysfunction in Early Age

Having sexual problems in your 20s isn't that uncommon. Often these are situations that can easily be easily reversed, but it is advisable to abandon any fear and talk about it openly and in severe cases seek a medical help.

A troubling picture of routine clinical practice is that one in four newly diagnosed patients with erectile dysfunction are young adults (study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine). According to the study, one in four patients who see a doctor with erectile dysfunction for the first time is under the age of 40. Basically, one in 10 men will have this problem, at some point in his life.

Causes of sexual dysfunction in young age

Speaking of sexual disorders in young people aged 20-29, it can be assumed with 95%confidence that the etiology of this pathological condition is based on external and psychological factors.

An improper and unbalanced diet is one of the factors that weaken male vitality in bed. A large amount of carbohydrates, fats and other substances negatively affect erectile function, as this food significantly reduces the production of testosterone, which is responsible for sexual strength. Sexual dysfunction in 20's, in the vast majority of cases, is therefore based on psychological factors.

Why do I have sexual dysfunction?

  • Lack of sexual experience?

  • Fear of first contact?

  • Depressive syndrome, mental disorders?

  • Bad relationship with the partner?

  • Absent sexual instruction?

As practice shows, problems with potency and erection at the age of 20 are not based so much on age; most often they depend on complicated relationships and the outside world. Fortunately, 95% of cases are easily solved, often with a change of a relationship, or with some specific corrective. However, in some cases, using Sildenafil-based medicine such as Viagra or Kamagra may be the only solution.

Along with psychological factors, organic etiology is distinguished, as some diseases cause erection weakness:

The processes of inflammation occurring in the pelvic organs

These can be: diseases of the heart and blood vessels, or the hematopoietic system; injuries to the penis, spine, pelvic joints. Even forced prolonged abstinence or taking certain medications. Finally, venereal and infectious diseases.

Bad habits

Young people's erectile function can also be impacted by alcoholism, smoking, and the use of narcotic and psychoactive drugs. Alcohol abuse impairs the body's ability to function as a whole, which causes a variety of issues, including issues with the genital region, including decreased potency, decreased sexual desire, and worsening erections.

Other causes of weak erection

Genetic predisposition is crucial because scientists believe that the quality of the erect state may be "hereditary." It is thought that the parent may be to held responsible for a weak erection. Young adults aged 20 to 25 may experience poorer erection quality due to improper sex education. If the young person's parents have instilled in them from an early age the idea that "sex is bad, dirty, and so on," they may have serious sexual issues.

Every teenager uses masturbation to explore their body; it is not an unusual phenomenon. However, prolonged abuse during puberty can result in a guy losing his ability to become aroused in normal relationships, which results in a decline in erection. If a man has experienced such moments in his life leading to a week erection, Sildenafil - based medication help to boost his erection and self-esteem.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis and Treatment

When erectile dysfunction is observed, an andrologist or urologist should be consulted. However, most people are uncomfortable seeking medical attention and opt to use over-the-counter medications that contain Sildenafil instead. A good example is Kamagra, which is made by Ajanta Pharm and is well known for its high effectiveness, low cost, and minimal to no side effects when used as directed.

Our online pharmacy offers various Viagra generic medicine. The most popular is Kamagra, Super Kamagra, Tadalis, or Lovegra.

Kamagra is improved and more effective version of Viagra with the same active compound Sildenafil Citrate.

Super Kamagra is a medicine with a unique combination of Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine, treating two most common male sexual disorders at the same time. Sildenafil promotes long lasting erection and Dapoxetine provides better control over the length of intercourse and fights premature ejaculation.

Tadalis is purely Dapoxetine based medicine, especially designed to treat premature ejaculation.

Lovegra is sexual enhancer for woman, often called female Viagra. This unique stimulant provides better vaginal sensitivity and natural lubrication. Lovegra helps women to regain the fullness of their orgasmic experience.

People taking these sexual enhancers manifested none or mild side effects. However, it is advised to notify your doctor as soon as possible if any side effects are noticed or experienced.

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