Sildenafil Citrate the active compound of well known Viagra is a medicine that promotes erection of male sexual organ. Since Viagra discovery in late 90ties many new forms of erection pills have emerged. The most popular generic Viagra version is Kamagra, with identical features and the same active compound. Sildenafil based pills present the most common way to treat erectile dysfunction.
Erection problems, and therefore the inability to get or keep an erection, can occur for a variety of reasons. Regardless of whether they stem from an organic, psychological or environmental nature, there are several good ways to get rid of this problem that is troublesome for men. In addition to changing your lifestyle and introducing a healthy diet, it is also recommended to take measures such as Kamagra. It is a drug thoroughly tested by doctors with proven effectiveness. It contains the same active substance as Viagra, which is Sildenafil Citrate. According to research, taking a dose of the product plays its role and restores lost sexual performance. Kamagra guarantees fast and effective action and is also cheaper sexual support than Viagra.